Banner promoting the Provenance Unknown book. A photo of the author, Sonia Nicholson, is at left. The cover, with a painting of the Eiffel Tower, is on the right. The book is coming Spring 2023.

An archivist without a past of her own doesn’t expect her profession to get personal.

Thirty-year old single mom Michele Norman has finally found her dream job at the city archives. But while she does a deep dive into every inquiry that comes in, there’s one past she won’t touch: her own. Besides, with a son starting kindergarten, a stack of unpaid bills, and the possibility of her work hours being cut back, she has enough to worry about. But when she discovers a forgotten French diary in the vault, it sends her on a journey from the west coast of Canada all the way to Paris, France. Will Michele be distracted by the intriguing and maddening Sébastien? Or will she finally find answers to the family questions she has never been ready to ask?

The release date for Sonia’s debut novel, Provenance Unknown, is March 28, 2023. Published by Sands Press.

The Roundhouse Cafe in Saanich (Greater Victoria, British Columbia) is hosting the first book launch celebration on April 2, 2023—right next to Rutledge Park, one of the key locations in the book! Details/RSVP on the Facebook event page.

Playlist for Provenance Unknown (YouTube)

Cover for Provenance Unknown. It is a painting showing the Eiffel Tower from a balcony. There are many flowers.

A Year of Summer

In the meantime, Sonia is writing a second novel titled A Year of Summer. Julia Summers, an aspiring travel writer with social anxiety, reluctantly takes a job in her hometown. But when the position turns out to be more than advertised—thrusting her into the festival and fair circuit—she must decide whether to head for the hills or stick it out in the desert village she couldn’t leave fast enough.

Both novels explore themes of identity, family, and place.

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