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“too much”. Poem. Judd’s Hill winery annual poetry contest, November 2022.

The Day Before (a checklist)”. Poem. Heimat Review, (Inaugural issue, Autumn 2022), 15 October 2022.

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Various articles/online exhibits. Saanich Pioneer Society, 2020-Present.

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Casa Portuguesa: Growing Up in an Immigrant Family. Essay. Mosaic Times, January 2018.

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Your History – The Importance of Corporate Archives. Article. Canadian Public Relations Society — Vancouver Island, November 2016.


Books and Bevies Author Interview (written interview), forthcoming 10 February 2023.

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Pinhole Poetry Author Interview (written interview), August 2022.

Amazing Places Podcast (Season 2, Episode 17: Museums and More!), 29 April 2022.

Guest Speaker – Cloverdale Traditional School, Victoria, British Columbia (Grade 4 Class), 27 April 2022.

Living Hyphen Podcast (Season 1: Homestuck, Episode 7: Love From Afar), 22 June 2021.

“Paper Hearts”. Song. Featured on “Sawatsky Sign-Off”, CTV News Vancouver Island, 2020.

Portrait of Sonia Nicholson. She is seated on a bench with a scalloped back. The background is floral.
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