some things maybe

Another publication announcement! The pieces in Pinhole Poetry’s Issue 2 are beautiful and poignant. I’m not sure how my little poem “some things maybe” got lucky enough to be included, but I’m grateful! It’s in excellent company. ☺️ Pinhole Poetry is a “digital poetry journal that loves the upside-down view and the fact that someContinue reading “some things maybe”

Memories of Paris by Seasons

How the City of Light is City of Life Out today! My essay on Paris, in Paris-based magazine Inspirelle. A Canadian author writes about her love affair with Paris through the years as a teenager, young adult and now married woman and mother. Inspirelle inspires, connects and empowers international women in France through engaging andContinue reading “Memories of Paris by Seasons”

Published Poem!

The Winter 2022 edition of the Van Isle Poetry Collective publication is out and it includes my poem, “Trees of Remembrance”. You can enjoy the magazine for free online or purchase it in print on their website. (Purchases support the publication.) The cover also features beautiful photography and art by Vancouver Island artists. It feelsContinue reading “Published Poem!”

Eden’s End

straw-berriesdippedincream,hidden,rise coolfrom the bowldripspill over in the heatthey can only doso much when flameslapat the edgetemp-eraturerisesthere is norefreshmenthighin themountainswhere Birdspass smacked lipsstill cracklike earthtake anothersweetbiteto (out)lastredskiesswallowtinder drywordsfail us we lapseinto asilencethat comesoftoo manytoo muchto witnessthe garden’sLast Dayscastin ashand dust.


Look at me,really.Not a glance as you passthrough the daily grindthat grinds you down to function and noformof emotionto see my heart,this space is more than the sumof itspartsand peeling oilpaintsplattered where I see a picture,do you?Am I only four walls on a foundation,roof overhead, abedtoo hottoo coldjust right ? Look closer,behind features and paper-workContinue reading “Place”

eleven months

just one day is all I ask, to flit and flutter, freefrom the everydaytasks that have cluttered the pasteleven months of masks and Have you washed your hands? andtemperature checks. You’re good to go – have fun. everything is strange in the New Normal and we march across the pool deckgoggles and suits in whiteContinue reading “eleven months”

Poetry Publishing News!

Well, this was a welcome surprise to come home to today, (especially since lately I’ve been caught up in the anxiety cycle of submitting my novel to agents and waiting for responses.) I’m excited to share that my poem “Faith” has been published in Time Of Singing, a journal of Christian poetry based in Pennsylvania.Continue reading “Poetry Publishing News!”


As 2020 draws to a close, I have been thinking about the parallels between current times and the “Roaring Twenties” following WWI and the 1918 influenza pandemic. Just like then, we are living through a historical event that will be studied and written about one hundred years from now. Once all of us have receivedContinue reading “Redux”

Birthday (A Poem for Rose)

This week we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. While she was opening presents, I quickly wrote this poem as a simple but heartfelt gift to her. Birthday (A Poem for Rose) sweet, green girleyes round like peachesrolling up to heavenwhen you think I can’t see you(in the young, fresh grass)sprouting, all limbsgangly and beautifulto carryforwardstrongly, boldlyyoursecretContinue reading “Birthday (A Poem for Rose)”