We blinked, and suddenly it’s fall. I wrote this poem last autumn but kept it squirrelled away until now. I’m more drawn to writing poetry these days even though my focus is my novel; it offers a welcome break between chapters.

On the cusp of autumn, Central Saanich, British Columbia.
Sonia Nicholson photo.

when i doubt

the dimming light

caught in drops

like headlights in


cast down on a wet

black street,

my head lowers

into hands.

another west coast storm.

when i fear

your frosty night

feeling stops

breath frozen to your


i resist tendril


undoing fists

like knots.

a warmth in my darkness.

when i fall

during the fight

like a clock

i stumble exposed


to face you under

the oak,

a gust signals

the leaves.

green amber red and go.

when they take

their final flight

positions locked

on your orders they


like swimmers in synch


with promises

to return.

sky bursting with applause.

when we meet

skin glowing bright

after a walk

in a warmer season


i remember our



and dazzling.

a foghorn siren song.

Published by Sonia Nicholson

Sonia Nicholson is an archivist, executive assistant, and writer. She was born and raised in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada and studied French and Spanish at the University of Victoria. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband, two children, and two rescue dogs. Follow her on Twitter @nicholsonsonia_

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