Trees of Remembrance

October 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the dedication of memorial trees planted along Shelbourne Street (Memorial Avenue) in Saanich and Victoria, British Columbia, following the First World War. Recently, Dr. Geoffrey Bird of the War Heritage Research Initiative at Royal Roads University produced a film about the history of these trees. The documentary inspiredContinue reading “Trees of Remembrance”

Eden’s End

straw-berriesdippedincream,hidden,rise coolfrom the bowldripspill over in the heatthey can only doso much when flameslapat the edgetemp-eraturerisesthere is norefreshmenthighin themountainswhere Birdspass smacked lipsstill cracklike earthtake anothersweetbiteto (out)lastredskiesswallowtinder drywordsfail us we lapseinto asilencethat comesoftoo manytoo muchto witnessthe garden’sLast Dayscastin ashand dust.

The Last Stand

I recently entered the Greater Victoria Public Library Tiny Stories Contest, in which submissions must be 420 characters. Quite a challenge! Though I wasn’t selected as a finalist, I was really pleased with my tiny story. An army advances, machines of mass destruction taking aim. Their targets face them in silence, standing tall and awaitingContinue reading “The Last Stand”